Enfocados hacia la agricultura de precisión y el ahorro, mediante el uso de sondas de precisión y asesoramiento agronómico personalizado, te ayudamos a optimizar el rendimiento de tu explotación

Somos ingenieros agrónomos, industriales e informáticos… y agricultores

Te ayudamos escuchando y analizando las características de tu explotación agrícola o instalación de jardín, de modo que podamos explicarte aquellas características de Plantae que te pueden beneficiar, y cómo conseguirlo.

Los detalles de la herramienta Plantae Manager, su uso, manejo e interpretación para que puedas sacar el máximo partido a los datos obtenidos desde las sondas, caudalímetros y estación méteo.

Combinando datos mediante algoritmos propios, y únicos, contarás con información en tiempo real que te ayudará a tomar decisiones mucho más precisas, a tiempo y desde cualquier lugar del mundo con conexión a Internet.

Además, la red de técnicos y distribuidores Plantae colaboran por toda España y Portugal, para dar un servicio directo, sencillo y personalizado para cada caso de uso y cliente.

Nuestro asesoramiento se centra en:

  • Explicar la plataforma Plantae (accesible desde ordenador, Tablet y móvil). Una vez se ha instalado la tecnología y transcurridos algunos días, tendrás una videollamada con nuestros técnicos o reunión presencial para que entiendas a la perfección cómo se ha configurado y parametrizado la plataforma así como las funcionalidades y servicios que te ofrece de forma automática y personalizada.

  • Resolver preguntas y dudas: sobre las gráficas y datos recogidos, configuración, funcionalidad, suelos, etc.
    Tomar decisiones en el manejo de tu cultivo y plantación: cuánto regar, estrategia por zona/sector de riego, calendario de riego, estado de la planta, control de nutrientes, momento del riego, etc.

  • Soporte técnico: si reubicas una sonda, quieres configurar tu estrategia de horas frío o simplemente dudas de funcionamiento e incidencias.

  • Reactivo, proactivo y/o presencial: en función del servicio que contrates con Plantae tendrás un soporte adaptado a tus necesidades.


Todo pensado para que tu experiencia con Plantae sea un recorrido cercano y a largo plazo, que te permita entender la tecnología y sacarle el máximo partido.

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You often ask us

What is Plantae® for?

With the data and the adaptation of the fixed parameters of high and low humidity, conductivity and temperature in the Panel according to the type of soil, crop and water treatment, our customers can optimize irrigation according to their needs. We help define how much to irrigate based on these variables.

How exactly does Plantae® work?

Plantae® consists in a solution of sensors that measure humidity and other parameters at different depths and surface temperatures depending on the crop and soil type. The sensors are embedded in the soil and collect readings automatically in real time, sending them wirelessly to a receiver/hub/concentrator which in turn transfers the data to the PanelManager Online, accessible from a computer, tablet or cell phone (APP).

What benefits will Plantae® bring me?

Saving water, reducing the use of resources (fuel, electricity...), improving crop productivity by providing it with the water it needs or modifying the irrigation method (shorter cycles, hours of the day, etc.).

On which crops does Plantae® work?

Any crop with irrigation or support irrigation
We work with different varieties of olive, pistachio, almond, grapevine, walnut, peach, apricot, pear, paraguayan peach, walnut, citrus, alfalfa, corn and various vegetables among others. It is also used in professional gardening, several botanical gardens, soccer fields and golf courses (www.plantae.golf). For more details about the crops we work with, please explore our Crops section.

How many stations do I need on my farm?

There is no exact relation between "farm size" VS "number of sensors", but normally 10 hectares are measured with 4 sensors, as it is usual to install two pairs each measuring at two depths.

However, the number of sensors depends on the type of soil, the crop and its age, the irrigation sectors and the topography of the land.

For an initial installation, the location of the sensors is confirmed with the customer and his knowledge of the soil type and irrigation sectors.
From the Basic package, Plantae uses satellite images to study the water index of the plots and to propose a better design and structure for the installation of the sensors on the farm. All this will always be agreed with the client.

What is the price of Plantae®?

Puedes hacer una instalación básica por menos de 700€ al año

Why is it so affordable compared to other technologies on the market?

At Plantae® we set ourselves the challenge of developing sensors at a price accessible to any farmer or professional gardener.

After 4 years of research and study we managed to develop a sensor and communication technology that solves the current problems of the agricultural and professional sector to save water and optimize production.

Does the installation of Plantae® equipment cost anything?

The cost of installation will depend on your location and the type of terrain, but remember that it is very easy to install and you can even do it yourself with traditional tools.

What happens if a station stops working?

If the malfunction is not due to theft, animal attack, weather phenomena (except for rain, frost, snow, wind) or misuse of the devices by the customer, we will send you a new sensor in less than 5 days so that you can replace it.

What does Plantae® agronomic advice consist of?

Plantae® is a professional tool, simple and easy to interpret for anyone, but above all is the experience and knowledge of the farmer. We have a team of agronomists and distributors, Plantae Agro, in charge of analyzing the land and providing a monthly service if required by the customer to successfully interpret the data and look for modifications in irrigation, fertigation and fertilizer plans.

Can Plantae® also manage irrigation automatically?

We are working on several automatic irrigation solutions so that you only have to control the tool and the data without worrying about activating or deactivating irrigation.

What types of stations are there?

We have developed several products with which to measure different parameters of any crop:

  • Plantae®Probe® Sensors
  • Flowmeter
  • Meteo Station

In the menu above you have access to all the information of each one.

Why do you do this?

We are not only looking to provide a quality product at a price accessible to any farmer, but also to help make our world more sustainable and efficient.

By 2050, it is estimated that food production will have to increase by 70%, which, combined with foreseeable droughts and irrigation restrictions, makes precision agriculture and sensor technologies increasingly necessary.

With its technology, Plantae® seeks to make the world a better place and to raise awareness of the proper use of irrigation and available resources.

Where is the company located?

Plantae® is a Spanish company based in the Science Park of the Carlos III University of Madrid (Leganés, Madrid). All technology, product development and commercialization are owned by Plantae® under the company Activa Proyectos Tech S.L.

Who is behind the Plantae® team?

We are 7 entrepreneurs, engineers and farmers, with more than 40 years of experience in the following sectors: aeronautical engineering, information technologies, new mobile technologies, logistics, agriculture and hospitality.