On this occasion we visited a plantation of pistachio in Ávila, Spain.

Ya dedicamos un artículo al cultivo del pistacho y en el mapa se puede observar como las provincias del sur de Castilla y León, aun teniendo un clima algo condicionado, apuestan cada vez más por las plantaciones de pistacho.

Young pistachio plantations are being a new form of cultivation for many farmers, who are committed to a future investment.

The pistachio in Ávila

The province of Ávila adapts in almost all parameters to the production of pistachio, except for the risk of late frosts in the spring and out of season rains.

The months of March, April and May can be very variable presenting means that can vary between 7 and 15 degrees and lowering the night temperature quite a lot. This negatively influences the flowering of pistachio.

Autumns can also be variable and alter production.

Another factor to consider is the north wind. It influences the plantations that must have an edge with more male pistachio to improve the pollination < / strong> as we explained in another article.

Control del riego con sensores de humedad Plantae
Irrigation control with Plantae humidity sensors

Finally, the summer weather is hot with high daytime temperatures that favor perspiration and therefore can exert water stress on the plant that alters the normal growth of the fruit. Although the pistachio par excellence is a plant that acclimates well at extreme temperatures of very cold winters and hot summers.

The implantation of a drip irrigation controlled by sensors is more than recommended. It favors the development of production and quality.

Riego controlado - pistacho en Ávila
Controlled irrigation - pistachio in Ávila

Future of pistachio in Castilla y León

The cultivation of pistachio in this Community is scarce. We see some plantations in Salamanca, Ávila, Segovia, Zamora, Palencia and Valladolid. The oldest plantation in the Community is in Tagarabuena in the province of Zamora.

As it is not a deep-rooted crop, pruning courses are being done, which is the only difficulty it presents.

The downside that farmers have, in addition to the weather, is that pistachio has a waiting time for the production of about six or seven years.

Good marketing and high market demand is what encourages its planting.

Climate conditioned to the climate of pistachio areas- Castilla y León- Spain