EVOO NUTS IN TALAVERA-Nuts and olive grove

We actively return to the fairs, in this case in Talavera de la Reina, Aove Nuts with dried fruits and olive groves from March 17 to 19, 2022.

Objectives of the Aove Nuts fair

After the stoppage forced by covid-19, Talavera de la Reina once again convenes the EVOO fair and dried fruit to promote the appellations of origin presented by the region, its quality and the different varieties.

  • Create a meeting point between farmers and commercial
  • Show the latest technologies and services for the production and processing of both oils and nuts.
  • Bring the sector and knowledge of EVOO and Nuts closer to consumers.
  • Delve into the culture of these two products through different activities.
  • Exhibition of machinery to see the latest technology.
  • Introduce the consumer to the benefits of EVOO.
  • Learn about the high quality of the nuts produced in Castilla-La Mancha, Extremadura and part of Madrid and Castilla León through the activities that will also be carried out prior to the Fair.
  • Meet a growing demand and give value to EVOO and nuts not only from Castilla-La Mancha but from the entire central area of Spain.


Aove in the downtown area

Extra Virgin olive oil, EVOO, is a key product of the central area, highlighting the production of Castilla la Mancha, Madrid, Extremadura and Castilla León. We have already dedicated many articles to the oil, especially in Olive trees in Spain.

We highlight in the central area the varieties of:

  • Manzanilla Cacerena.
  • Manzanilla or Corresgueña from Badajoz.
  • Morisca in the Badajoz area.
  • Verdial from Badajoz.
  • Redondilla in Toledo
  • Cornicabra in Extremadura, Toledo and Royal City.
  • Castellana in the downtown area.
  • Alfafara in the downtown area.
  • Picual in the Albacete area

In the following map we can see the areas with appellations of origin.

  • Alcarria oil.
  • Hurdes Tasting.
  • Montes de Toledo.
  • Calatrava field.
  • Monterrubio oils.
  • Montiel field.
Aove nuts- Aceites con Denominaciones de origen en zona Centro
Oil with denominations of origin in the Central area

Nuts in the center area

Nuts are another of the star products of the central regions. Highlighting the pistachios, almond trees, walnut trees among others.

Not all areas are equally suitable for the production of nuts. They fundamentally depend on the climate, as we can see in the following map of suitable areas for pistachios.

Aove nuts - Pistachos en zona Centro
Aove Nuts – Pistachios in the Center- Ideal areas

Special almond tree areas to visit when they are in bloom:

  • Quinta de los Molinos in Madrid: one of the few places in this Community where we can find almond trees, they bloom at early March.
  • Area Villalpardo in Cuencain March and with a hiking trail.
  • Garrovillas de Alconétar in Cáceres with festivals at the beginning of March.
  • Valdelacalzada and Vega del Guadiana in Badajoz at the end of January and throughout the month of February.
Feria de Talavera
EVOO NUTS IN TALAVERA-Nuts and olive grove

Plantae at the Aove Nuts fair

Our sensors are present in the two Castillas, Extremadura and Madrid plantations. We have control of crops of all kinds such as: pistachios, olive trees, almond trees and walnut trees.

We control humidity, root temperature, ambient temperature, conductivity, water flow and the entire phenological process of the different crops in these regions.

We present a photo gallery of these plantations.

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