Moisture probes in Grupo Durán crops- (The best quality)

One of our first clients, Grupo Durán, who has understood the importance of intelligent irrigation controlled by humidity sensors / probes.

Duran Group

It is a large company dedicated to the production of:

  • Stone fruits.
  • Citrus fruits: lemons, oranges, clementines.
  • Tropical fruits like mango or papaya.

It has become one of the pioneer companies in the Spanish territory in the production of mango and papaya and exports approximately 70% of what it produces mainly to countries of the European Union and the United Kingdom .

Humidity sensors / probe in the Durán group farms

This time it was the apricot and the Paraguayan in one of their farms in Mazarrón (Murcia). They are stone fruit and meaty crops.

The Paraguayan is a species from China, a natural mutation of the peach tree, its fruit is similar peach with the same variety of colors, but flattened.

In the case of the apricot it also comes from the temperate zone of Asia and its fruit is almost spherical with a color that can be white, yellow, orange or reddish depending on the variety that has been grown.

Irrigation needs of these trees

Phases that we must control:

  • In its early years, when the tree is young, young, they have important water needs , always avoiding waterlogging.
  • When they are adults, the water needs are much lower, although fundamental in the growth and ripening phases of the fruit .
  • The water stress of the plant that directly influences the fruit must be avoided.

Sensors in the Durán group

The installation has taken place in 20 hectares of farm irrigated by drip where 4 sensors / wireless humidity probes have been placed, distributed by the different areas measuring 40 and 60 cm deep in each one.

The sensors perform measurements every 4 hours and send the information to a strategically placed Hub for collection.

In addition, at the time of installation, both representatives of the Durán Group and members of Plantae were recorded for the program "Diario del campo" broadcast on the Murcia Region television.

In the next few days we will publish the link with the program fragment.

Frutas Durán-Report in Field Diary
Intensive planting of Grupo Durán

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