Campoés distributor of humidity probes in Albacete and Murcia

Campoés distributor of humidity probes as our partner in the Murcia region, as well as advisor in fertilizers and phytosanitary products.

Campoés is closely linked to farmers, both in advising on innovative products and in their distribution.

This time through its management we can install humidity sensors / probes in a large number of crops in Murcia .

Objectives of Campoés distributor

The objectives of our distributor partner in Murcia for humidity probes and other Plantae soil and climate monitoring sensors are:

  • Advise the farmer on fertilizers and phytosanitary products.
  • Inform about the advantages of controlling irrigation with probes, in all crops and all types of irrigation.
  • Help to achieve better quality and yield of your crop.
Map of Murcia by counties-Partners Campoés distributor in Cieza and Torre Pacheco
Map of Murcia by counties-Partners Campoés distributor in Cieza and Torre Pacheco
Agriculture in Murcia
Agriculture in Murcia according to the Ministry of Agriculture

Agricultura en Murcia por comarcas

  • Altiplano : very important Yecla and Jumilla with olive and fruit trees, especially Jumilla pears with designation of origin. Also the vineyards with D.O.
  • Campo de Cartagena : in this region the Torre Pacheco melon stands out, Mazarrón tomato and also lettuce, artichoke, cruciferous, watermelon and vegetables mainly outdoors. Also citrus and vineyards.
  • Northwest : Caravaca stands out with Marcona almond production. Also cereals.
  • Río Mula : with important vineyards and vegetable fields.
  • Valle del Gualdalquín : we highlight Totana as the land of paprika with a designation of origin and a world leader. Lorca with olive trees. Also lettuce and cereal crops.
  • Vega del Segura : with Cieza as the leader in peach, apricot and olive production. Santomera with citrus, especially lemons. Summer horticultural crops coexist in the region, taking advantage of the mild summer temperatures. Also citrus, stone fruit, olive and pistachio among others.
Agricultura ecolçogica en Murcia
Organic farming in Murcia with data from the Ministry of Agriculture.

Campoés location

  • The Campoés headquarters are located in Campo de Cartagena, and from there they serve other areas, such as the Guadalentín Valley (which also stands out in greenhouse horticultural cultivation and especially in table grape cultivation).
  • Cieza, more specifically in the important industrial area of ​​Ascoy, Campoés has a subsidiary to serve the agricultural sector in the northern half of the Region, such as the Altiplano famous for its vineyards with D.O.P. Jumilla and Yecla, olive groves and other woody and horticultural summer crops.

Campoés offers products, advice and innovation thanks to its great experience and knowledge of agriculture, and the constant search for novelties and cutting-edge services, such as humidity probes / sensors and other parameters developed by Plantae.

The province of Murcia is fundamentally agricultural and depends on irrigation, every drop of water counts.
The Murcia region is a pioneer in irrigation control and one of the communities that is installing the most humidity, conductivity and temperature sensors / probes.

Campoés advises them to improve quality and quantity.

Crops controlled by humidity sensors / probes
Crops controlled by humidity sensors / probes

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