Agrotechnology in Valladolid is a fair specially designed for the technology sector but focused on agri-food and also called Agriculture 4.0.

The objective is that Agrotechnology is synonymous with digitizing agriculture.

Agrotechnology or Agriculture 4.0

Agrotecnológica aims to bring the latest developments in the technological sector applied to agriculture to the farmer, with the aim of:

  • Transform the sector.
  • Modernize the entire production chain.
  • Make a more competitive agriculture.
  • Improve the quality.
  • Increase the amount to cover food needs.
  • Take care of the environment and make it sustainable.
  • Control pests
  • Facilitate the entire production chain with new technologies.

The number of technical data that we have to get used to is growing, even with English terminology.

Internet platforms for grouping massive data, new technologies both mechanically and biologically or chemically make agriculture turn 180 degrees.

Agricultura de precisión-Agricultura 4.0- Agrotecnología

Agrotecnológica star star of Agrovid 2020

The Agrovid 2020 fair was the protagonist of the vine, a fundamental sector with 9 designations of origin as we have already highlighted in other articles.

In Agrotecnológica are represented the most innovative companies related to the cultivation and care of the vineyards, among which Plantae stands out.

Our humidity, temperature and conductivity sensors are already present in many vineyards in Spain, collaborating in improving quality and increasing production while optimizing water and energy.

Vinos con denominación de origen en Castilla y León
Wines with designation of origin in Castilla y León

Plantae guest company in Agriculture 4.0

Our company participates in this fair with two objectives:

  • First present the news that this year brings as we see in the following graphic:

Novedades Plantae 2020-Agricultura de precisión-Agricultura 4.0

In secondly give an informative talk explaining these news, in addition to raising awareness of the « Precision agriculture to optimize irrigation and save water» that can be achieved with our sensors.

The humidity and conductivity sensor is already a reality in much of our geography.

El sensor de temperatura de subsuelo está muy demandado por el sector hortícola para conocer la temperatura a diferentes profundidades. También está muy solicitado en el césped dentro del garden, para campos deportivos y jardinería.

For Plantae d designing and developing a flowmeter has been a challenge for the request from distributors and customers since 2018. Now it is in the market, allowing real-time reporting of the risks applied as well as deficiencies between the actual irrigation and that estimated by the farmer, technician or irrigator.

New agronomic algorithms that Plantae currently works in woody, horticultural, extensive, nursery crops ... in traditional, intensive, super intensive, greenhouse, outdoor, hydroponic ...

These objectives have been achieved thanks to new studies and calibrations in multiple types of soils, crops and customers.

Agrotecnológica Valladolid -conferencia de Plantae
Agrotecnológica Valladolid - Plantae conference

Precision agriculture is now a reality that came to be accompanied by the new technologies that are being incorporated in the rural world.

Agrotecnológica Valladolid -conferencia de Plantae

Stand de Plantae en Agrotecnológica en Valladolid-Agricultura de precisión
Plantae stand in Agrotecnológica in Valladolid-Precision agriculture

Maquinaria de última generación-AgrotecnológicaAgricultura 4.0 en Valladolid-Agricultura de precisiónAgricultura de precisión con PlantaaeConferencia sobre Agrotecnológica en Valladolid-Agricultura de precisión