Agrotechnological 2023-Agraria-Innovation and Technology-Agraria

Plantae participates with a stand in the fourth edition of the Agrotecnológica 2023-Agraria fair in Valladolid, links the innovation and agricultural activity in the primary sector and is held on January 24, 25, 26 and 27.

Objectives of Agrotecnológica 2023-Agraria

Agrotecnológica 2023 presents the agricultural fair with:

Agrotecnológica 2023

Manufacturers qualified and updated with the sector.

Importers and distributors of machinery, national and international.

Machinery adapted to all agricultural processes.

Tractors with the latest technological innovations.


Equipment and mechanical services for phytosanitary..

Fertilization techniques and crop protection.

SensorsHumidity, temperature and conductivity sensors for humidity control, root system health and soil salinity ground.

adapted to the irrigation system

Weather stations with wireless technology that includes Rain Gauge, Relative Humidity and Ambient Temperature.

Drones para control de las plantaciones.

Program– The entire exhibition will occupy 34,000 m2.

Plantae with agricultural technology of crop control

Our company is a regular at fairs in the region and has already participated in others editions of Agrotecnológica, presenting its technology of wireless sensors and flowmeter.

Now we will present many new features such as:

This is applicable to all crops and all terrains.


Company specialized in computer science specialized in the wine sector. Technological innovations to help modernize vineyards.

With technology we can control diseases in vineyards and fruit trees.


Ferias de Valladolid



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