Agroexpo 2020, international fair in Don Benito

One more year Plantae attends an obligatory appointment, Agroexpo 2020 in Don Benito, Extremadura. Internationally recognized fair and now in its XXXII edition. This year the appointment is January 29 and February 1.

Objectives of the Agroexpo 2020 fair

  • Concentrate agro professionals, manufacturers and distributors.
  • That exhibitors and entrepreneurs present their products.
  • Announcement of the award for Business Innovation.
  • Presentation and conferences to understand the agricultural reality.

Fair guest crop

This year the novelty of the intensive cultivation of walnut is presented. In the Plantae blog we already dedicate an article on walnut , due to its commercial importance, both for the fruit and the wood.

The Spanish walnut is especially recognized for its quality and the wood stands out worldwide for its hardness and color.

Agroexpo 2020 is aware of this importance and of the adaptation of this crop in our peninsula, therefore it will present its form of intensive cultivation and its varieties.

In this way, an attempt is made to make farmers aware of the importance of adapting to the needs of the market, the same happened with the intensive almond tree and the intensive and super-intensive olive tree.

Other factors to highlight at Agroexpo 2020

How could it be otherwise, Agroexpo will place special emphasis on:

  • The necessary changes in a agricultural policy of quality.
  • Efficient use of water where Plantae will play an important role with the subsurface humidity and temperature sensors and the flow meter for precision agriculture and responsible water optimization.
  • Climate change as a priority for smart agriculture in the agricultural and agro-industrial sectors.

Plantae at Agroexpo 2020

Agroexpo 2020
We graphically present our visit to the Don Benito Agroexpo fair.

Plantae is present at Agroexpo 2020 with an information stand with the news that we will have throughout the year, some at the request of our clients and others thanks to the studies and calibrations carried out by the technicians of our

Agroexpo 2020 - Plantae presenta sus novedades
 Plantae presents its novelties
Feria Don Benito - Agroexpo 2020
Don Benito Fair
Don Benito
Don Benito Fair 

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