Using the data taken with the Plantae Meteo Station the Plantae Agro team can estimate the cold hours and thermal integral of your field.

Cold Hours

The cold hours are related to the accumulation of hours during which the temperature has fallen below 7ºC. The sum of these allow the crop to come out from the winter rest period, each species and variety has specific needs for this to happen. Therefore, it is advisable to know the different needs in order to estimate the best dates for certain agronomic practices, such as pruning. It also provides information on potential frosts during the most critical periods of the cycle which allows you to prevent possible harvest losses.

Date of the end of the dormant state

Forecast of certain agronomic practices

Prediction of frosts during critical periods

Crop loss prediction

Thermal Integral

The thermal integral (or heat summation) is an indicator of the warmth availability fo the development and maturity of the crops.It is based on a temperature, called threshold temperature below which there is no plant activity. This temperature depends on the type of species cultivated and the type of crop (woody, horticultural...). Therefore, it is used to predict the phenological state of the crop and the best dates to harvest. Moreover, it gives information on the risk of certain diseases that may appear and it is used in variety viability studies.

Prediction of the crop's phenological stage

Pests and diseases management

Variety viability studies

Forecast of the optimal harvesting date

Plantae´s Meteo Station gathers the temperatura data of your field. The measurements are adjusted to the client's conditions: crop, cold hours requirements, accumulation date, heat needs... This information can be found in the Manager. Furthermore, the panel allows you to establish the phenological stage of the crop in each point of the graph to have a complete vision of your field's evolution.

Cold Hours Graph

Gráfica de número de horas de frío-Nuevos talentos

Thermal Integral Graph