Agri-food-Startup Europe Smart Agrifood Summit in Malaga

Startup Europe Smart Agrifood Fair 2019 in Malaga on June 20-21, 2019, a European meeting on digital transformation of the Agrifood industry.

New technologies must be at the service of the cultivation, trade and consumption of agricultural food.

This year presents an important novelty: "King Felipe VI has accepted the Honorary Presidency of the second edition of Startup Europe Smart Agrifood Summit".

Therefore, it is not necessary to emphasize the importance of the fair at a National and International level.

What is Agri-Food?

It is sustainable agriculture that has:

  • First an ecological component.
  • It also uses technical and social means that favor biodiversity.
  • It guarantees that agriculture will endure in the future.
  • It does not harm the environment with unauthorized pesticide and herbicide uses.
  • Use natural resources.
  • Maintains the quality of the soil.
  • Finally it adjusts to a balanced economy for consumers and producers.

Ultimately, the objective is to generate an agriculture that respects the environment and guarantees the survival of future generations.

Organizations interested in Startup Europe Smart Agrifood
Organizations interested in Startup Europe Smart Agrifood

Challenges of the Agri-Food sector

The new times in which we live make everything evolve rapidly and the Agri-food sector must face:

  • Demographic changes and population growth on a world scale.
  • Facing the challenges of climate change.
  • Promote new digital technologies. Research and innovation at the service of agriculture and livestock.
  • Avoid resource inequality. Try to supply the world markets for food and agricultural products.
  • Controlar la escasez de  los alimentos para un planeta cada vez más poblado. Mantener el control de la calidad y los precios razonables.

Goals of the Startup Europe Smart Agrifood 2019 according to its organizers

Establish a link between innovative ideas and access to funds.

Learn about the latest technologies in the agri-food value chain presented by fast-growing startups in the new digital economy.

Promote cooperation between institutions in R + D + i projects.

To act as a meeting point for the best European initiatives in the agri-food sector.

Serve as industry reference and facilitate communication between professionals in the sector.

Foster innovative entrepreneurship in the agri-food industry by providing development and growth opportunities to EBTs, stratups and spin-offs.


Plantae en Smartagriffod
Plantae in Agri-Food

Organizations interested in the Startup Europe Smart Agrifood 2019

  • Farmers and ranchers.
  • The sectors of the food industry.
  • The regulatory sector for product quality.
  • Technology companies in the Agri-Food sector.
  • Technology applied to agriculture and livestock, such as Plantae and humidity sensors, drones , satellite images and in general all ICTs. Plantae will attend this fair for the second consecutive year in the stand A4 showing its technological advances and betting on precision agriculture.
  • Investors and Entrepreneurs.
  • Research organizations.

 I + D + i (Research + Development + Innovation) in Agri-food

The Agri-food industry is a fundamental sector in the Spanish economy due to employment, turnover and exports. Innovation is essential for companies to be competitive.

New ideas are constantly being developed such as:

  • Try to offer healthier products for health that reach all markets.
  • Also advance in new types of packaging such as self-heating bags. Improve and save on packaging while protecting the environment.
  • Innovate in food preservation such as increasing the freezing period of fruits and vegetables. In this way, we cover the entire population at all times of the year.
  • It is very important to advance in the technology that eliminates microbes, protecting the health of the consumer.
  • Save energy and water to make a more sustainable production.
  • Favor with aid to farmers and protect the rural world.
  • Reach agreements at the National and International level that favor Agri-Food.

Agri-food in Malaga
Agri-food in Malaga

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Ahorra agua e insumos y transforma tu cultivo con tecnología avanzada subvencionada a fondo perdido con hasta con 12.000 € de Kit Digital