Agricultural Engineering, Booming University Degree-Specialties

This week we collected this information: « In the province of Huelva, noted for its agricultural character and leading in some productions, the University degree in Agricultural Engineering is the second most requested in the region «. Is this trend spreading to the rest of Spain ?.

Until now, this degree was in demand in areas with greater development of the primary sector, since job opportunities were directed to companies in the area. However, changes in machinery and technology in addition to recent discoveries in precision agriculture, commercial exploitation and work in crops have skyrocketed the level and demand for this grade.

And all this aspect has also reached Madrid, which without such a powerful development in the primary sector, also has a growing demand for applications at the Polytechnic University of Madrid, a faculty with broad support for quality and prestige.

Specialties of the degree in Agricultural Engineering in Madrid and Huelva:


  • Horticulture and Gardening.
  • Agricultural Operations.
  • Also in Madrid "Mechanization and rural constructions".

There is a common base in all agricultural engineers, but with the diversity of degrees, students can specialize their training from the first year with subjects as interesting as: Irrigation Engineering, Gardening Technology, Strawberry and Small Fruit Cultivation, Citrus Agriculture o Quality Certification Systems in Agriculture, etc.

One of the latest offers is precision agriculture .

General objectives of the degree in Agricultural Engineering

New technologies are reaching agriculture and especially young farmers with concerns about the development of the rural environment. The advances are impressive, both in technology and innovation. Among the multiple objectives we highlight:

  • Design, direct and manage engineering projects in the field of agricultural and livestock production (buildings, irrigation, roads and other rural infrastructures, mechanization, electrification, etc.) with criteria of economic, social and environmental profitability.
  • Design, direct and manage gardening and landscaping projects (green spaces, sports facilities, vertical gardening, etc.).
  • Write and sign appraisals and appraisals within the rural environment.
  • The exercise of the profession of Agricultural Technical Engineer.
  • Directly access the Master in Agronomic Engineering studies.

Objectives of these professionals

In the global world that we find ourselves in, the challenges they face are multiple, taking into account that there is a lack of aid for new entrepreneurs. It is very necessary to receive state aid so that the technologies are appropriate, accessible and adapted to all needs.

Agricultural professionals should consider:

  • Food security with good quality, nutritious and inexpensive food.
  • Tackling climate change and the greenhouse effect.
  • Apply food security policies, promoting increased productivity with sustainable productions and renewed technologies.
  • Combine techniques that preserve natural resources and at the same time increase productivity.
  • Work with state-of-the-art companies, such as those that apply ultrasound to the destruction of algae and fungi.
  • Use humidity meters with sensors that send the information to a tablet or mobile phone, saving water and energy, as well as time when controlling crops.
  • Use computers and communication media, controlling the time via satellite.
  • Also apply new storage and conservation techniques.
  • Perform agronomic practices in irrigation management.
  • Use the means of communication that allow knowledge to be updated.
  • Finally, agricultural biotechnology, a science that uses biological systems and living organisms to create or modify products.

The University encourages the entrepreneur who can encourage them to create their own companies in the future.

Tecnología de última generación en ingeniería agrícola
Agricultural Engineering applied to latest generation tractors
Olivos con sensores-Ingeniería Agrícola aplicada al riego
Agricultural Engineering applied to irrigation with sensors in intensive plantations

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