Regenerative and bioeconomic agriculture-The best solution for our planet

A regenerative agriculture maintains the natural care of crops, takes advantage of the organic remains of pruning and harvesting for mulch, prevents soil erosion, takes advantage of every drop of water, favors microorganisms, minerals and organic matter ground.

What is achieved with regenerative agriculture

The main thing is to achieve a sustainable planet.

We need regenerative and bioeconomic agriculture in all fields to:

  • Regenerate the upper layer of the soil with natural means, favoring biodiversity, with natural fertilizers.
  • An agriculture that minimizes costs and product losses.
  • Maximize the earnings.
  • It achieves a stable and sustainable agrosystem in the long term.
  • Use water responsibly.
Regenerative agriculture
Regenerative agriculture

Objectives to achieve regenerative agriculture

  • Carry out organic agriculture and biodynamic, free of chemical products and careful with the soil regeneration.
  • Carry out agricultural practices that improve biodiversity.
  • Use compost and return the soil to its natural state.
  • Recycle organic waste and improve the environment.
  • Regenerate the environment of the agricultural plantation.
  • Use the water in a controlled way.
  • Help reduce the carbon footprint.
  • Trigger better soil atmosphere.
  • Increase the nutrients s and give long duration to the life of the soil.
  • Improve the quality of crops.
  • Increase the amount of crops.
  • Improve food and therefore health.


It is the economy associated with biological resources, technology and innovation.

The European Union sets five objectives:

  • Garantizar The food safety.
  • Manage the natural resources in a sustainable way.
  • Reduces dependence on dependence on non-renewable.
  • To mitigate and adapt to climate change.
  • Create jobs and maintain the competitiveness of the EU.

Plantae in regenerative, sustainable and healthy agriculture

Plantae is an enterprising company and in continuous technical progress that favors regenerative, sustainable and healthy agriculture.

Our measurements help the farmer and rancher make decisions that favor quality production. Always with the objective of advancing technologically according to the demands of the sector and optimizing irrigation in crops, increasing productivity through agricultural sensors for humidity, temperature and other devices (flow meter, rain gauge, weather station…).

Every drop of water counts and we give each plant the moisture they need at all times. In livestock we are in the process of experimentation with humidity and temperature meters to help control production.

Eit Food en Málaga
Eit Food en Málaga
Evolution of irrigation

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