Agricultura de Precisión y Nutrición en cantidad-Preparando el futuro-(I)

El gran reto de agricultura de precisión y nutrición, es producir alimento para la población mundial. La estimación para el año 2050 es que la población mundial ascienda hasta los 9.700 millones de habitantes siendo en la actualidad 7.700 millones pudiendo llegar a 11.000 millones en el 2100.

Importancia de la agricultura de precisión y nutrición

We have already indicated that it is the precision agriculture in another article. Basically it is to bring technology to agriculture, both outside and underground. This makes agriculture agrotechnology with the following points:

  • Transform the agricultural sector at all levels, modernizing the entire production chain from planting, soil treatment, production and distribution.
  • Make agriculture more competitive by facilitating the creation of cooperatives and controlled distribution chains.
  • Improve quality both in terms of nutrients and product properties.
  • Cover food needs , achieving high productivity in a given crop, with more plantations intensive and super intensive .
  • Take care of the environment and make it sustainable, avoid chemical products and improve the subsoil with an agro-ecological compost.
  • Control pests with biodynamic agriculture .

Agriculture 4.0

More and more technical data we have to get used to, even with English terminology.

Precision agriculture and nutrition
Precision agriculture and nutrition

Internet platforms to group massive data, new technologies both at a mechanical, biological or chemical level are making agriculture take a 180 degree turn.

But invisibly, another great challenge has been seen as an iceberg, and this is to produce not only the necessary quantity but with sufficient nutritional properties.

This iceberg to which we refer has begun to be called Invisible Hunger.

Challenges of the agrarian world

With everything described above, we see two great challenges in precision agriculture and nutrition:

  • Increase production .
  • Improve nutritional quality .

Arable area worldwide

We are at a point where it is almost impossible to significantly increase the arable area worldwide, and the consolidated data shows with the graph that the number of global arable areas measured in millions of hectares is falling to 72%, with information of the year 2012 and from the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations).

Hectáreas cultivable a nivel mundial
Arable hectares worldwide-Source: FAO; Alexandratos, N. & Bruinsna, J. Own elaboration by Plantae

And if we compare the arable area measured in million hectares with the evolution of the world population, measured in billions , we see how the population skyrockets while the arable area decreases.

Superficie cultivable-Agricultrua de precisión y nutrición
Source: FAO (Achieving sustainable gains in Agriculture). Own elaboration by Plantae. Precision agriculture and nutrition.

Precision agriculture and nutrition- Increased production

The challenges to increase production can be found solved with technologies such as the one offered by Plantae with measurements with probes throughout the production process, in addition to advances in machinery, drones and satellite images.

Products Plantae for precision soil agriculture and crop phenology:

  • Control del agua y la energía favoreciendo la huella hídrica and the carbon footprint con:
    • Sensores y sondas de humedad para medir el agua que necesita la plantación cuando la necesita.
    • Sondas de temperatura que controlan la actividad radicular y la absorción de nutrientes.
    • Medición de la tendencia conductiva a distintas profundidades para evitar la salinidad producida por la evaporación.
  • Weather Station:
    • Medición de la humedad relativa y sus efectos en enfermedades fúngicas.
    • Temperatura exterior para controlar los estados fenológicos de la planta.
    • Pluviómetro que nos mide la cantidad de lluvia y ayuda al control del riego.

In 2018, the sum of world agricultural production covers twice the world's caloric needs. This should fill us with peace of mind, since it seems that the technology we have today is capable of feeding up to twice the world's population. And as soon as we rely on improvements in techniques and technology, that is, precision agriculture, everything indicates that the amount of food should not be difficult to obtain. The question is: Is nutritional quality maintained? .

Producción de alimentos
Food production. Source: FAO data and projections. Precision agriculture and nutrition. Own elaboration by Plantae.

Advantages of precision agriculture control and nutrition

There are many advantages offered by improving the amount of food, especially those that we detail below:

  • Reduce hunger in the world.
  • Intentar el control del suelo por medio de sondas que:
    • No se deteriore el terreno de cultivo por exceso de salinidad.
    • Regular y reducir el consumo de agua.
    • Evitar la emisión de gases contaminantes con un control exhaustivo de la tecnología.
    • Conseguir alimentar a un mayor número de personas con un control del agua y de las tierras productivas.
Outdoor horticulture, VII Congress in Cuellar
Outdoor horticulture, VII Congress in Cuellar

Quality nutrition

Once we remove the fear about the amount of food for the world, we must talk about the distribution of that food produced, since due to an inequality in this distribution there are 800 million people who suffer from hunger in the world. Fortunately, this figure is in sharp decline. A curious fact about this hungry population is that about ¾ of these people live in rural areas, that is, in the same area where food is produced.

We expand it in a second article.


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Ahorra agua e insumos y transforma tu cultivo con tecnología avanzada subvencionada a fondo perdido con hasta con 12.000 € de Kit Digital