One of the communities that is most applying our Plantae sensor technology in its precision irrigation is Murcia .

Grupo Durán con sensores de humedad en paraguaya
Paraguayan sensors

This community has the highest percentage of irrigation in Spain. In addition to having more than 50% of land dedicated to agriculture, 32% is irrigated.

Regadío de precisión en Murcia
Irrigation area in Spain

Crops with more irrigation

Crops with more irrigated hectares are: vegetables, citrus fruits, non-citrus fruit trees, vineyards and olive groves.

86.2% of the water consumed in the community is for irrigation, according to data from the irrigators from Murcia.

These waters come from:

  • Tajo-Segura transfer.
  • Underground water.
  • Expansions of Las Vegas del Segura.
  • Water from desalination, which is very expensive.
hectáreas de regadío en Murcia

Regions of Murcia according to irrigation

Altiplano: with groundwater and vine and citrus crops.

Northwest : irrigation controlled by reservoirs and almond, vegetable and fruit crops.

Río Mula : with transfer waters and woody crops of non-citrus fruit trees.

Vega del Segura: with transfer waters and mostly woody crops.

Guadalentín Valley : transfer water and vegetable and fruit crops.

Campo de Cartagena : it feeds on groundwater and the transfer. The crops are citrus and non-citrus, olive groves, almond and vegetables.

Comarcas de Murcia según el regadío

Factors that influence agriculture in Murcia

In the first place the weather : it does not have great changes between winter and summer, that means that there are no frosts and it favors the cultivation especially of citrus fruits.

The second the absence of rains : for that reason most of the crops are irrigated, sprinkled, dripped or runoff.

If we use precision irrigation controlled by wireless sensors, water consumption is lower. We give each crop what it needs. We forget to water by eye. All controlled in real time.

For this reason, farmers in Murcia, individually or cooperatively, are betting on our technology. Even local media are interested in our project .

Hbu receptor en el centro de experimentación Agraria de Murcia
Receiving hub at the Agricultural Experimentation Center of Murcia
Riego por goteo controlado por sensores en el Centro de Experimentación agraria de Murcia
Drip irrigation controlled by sensors in the Agricultural Experimentation Center of Murcia
Regadío de precisión con sensores Plantae en el Centro de Experimentación agraria de Murcia
Irrigation of precision in the Center of Agricultural Experimentation of Murcia

The crops that most bet on the precision irrigation

The following images are a reflection of precision irrigation

Regadío de precisión en cultivo de perles, Murcia
Irrigation with sensors in pear trees-Murcia
Greenhouse with precision irrigation
Albaricoque, Frutas Durán
sensores de humedad -regadío de precisión en limoneros de Caravaca-Murcia
Lemon trees in Caravaca-Murcia
Riego de precisión en alcachofa-Murcia
Artichoke with precision irrigation-Murcia
Sensores de humedad en albaricoque- agricultura en Murcia
Apricot sensors, flopria variety in Pliego de la Vega
Hub Plantae en altura-plantación de albaricoques-Pliego de la Vega
Hub Plantae in height-apricot plantation-Pliego de la Vega