We update the new Plantae Web panel for clients-Year 2017

The production of humidity sensors begins and we update the new Web Plantae panel.

Now is the time to start production

After the test and testing period of the new sensors in pistachio and olive fields, we spent many hours improving technology and correcting errors in the sensor and HUB engineering.

Soil moisture sensor

  • Own food.
  • Measurement at different depths customizable depending on the crop.
  • Wireless data transmission with Radio Frequency technology.
  • Certificate.


  • Own power with solar panel or 220v.
  • Very easy to install and adapt to any farm.
  • Sending information in real time with GPRS technology.
  • CE certificate.

Now is the time to apply all those changes and put into production the next 100 sensors that will be installed in the tester clients of Plantae .

Updated the new Web Plantae panel for clients

After many months of work, our development team has updated the latest version of the management panel with which our clients You can configure the areas where we have installed the sensors:

  • Defining the crop.
  • Soil type.
  • The irrigation sector.
  • The depth of measurement among other characteristics.

Once this step has been taken, our sensors instantly begin to measure humidity in the different locations where they have been installed and display the data in a simple way and in real time.

New web panel Plantae
New web panel Plantae

We received a new order for Plantae humidity sensors

In addition to this automatic operation of the new Plantae Web panel, we highlight that:

We received a new order for 300 plantae moisture sensors version 2.2 to install for a customer during the months of August, September and October.

  • We generate daily, weekly or monthly reports with the data collected.
  • We observe alerts for low and high humidity that we send to each client.
  • Everything you need to control humidity without having to go to the farm.
  • Optimize water saving irrigation.
Plantae Technology
Plantae Technology

This time with a white box for greater visibility and some technical improvements.

All improvements to the sensors are made by our technical hardware development team. Tests are carried out for months to optimize the results.

We will continue to work to further expand our technology.

Objectives of Plantae humidity sensors

  • First try to reach the largest number of farmers.
  • Improve the irrigation of your crops.
  • Finally optimize water and electricity.
Hub/receptor Plantae
Hub / receiver Plantae in apricot plantation

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