3rd prize for the Innovative Company at Agroexpo

We participated in the AgroExpo fair that took place in Don Benito (Badajoz).

We obtained very good results with commercial contacts and the opening of the market in Extremadura and Portugal .

AgroExpo. 3rd prize for the innovative company in the "VI Business Innovation Awards"

However, the icing on the cake at the AgroExpo fair took place when Plantae obtained the 3rd prize for the innovative company in the « VI Business Innovation Awards » endowed with € 500.

A reward for the work of the entire team that we celebrate both at the fair itself and later in our offices at the UC3M Science Park.

This has been the best start to the year 2018.

Objectives of Plantae in AgroExpo

We have been working on our project for the implantation of subsurface humidity sensors / probes for more than a year. More and more farmers from different communities are interested in this new technology that allows them to know how and how much to irrigate. You no longer have to do it by eye.

The farmer needs a mobile or tablet with an internet connection so that he can follow the irrigation of his crop in real time, without moving and controlling the humidity of the subsoil and the conductivity in real time.

Therefore, our objective at this fair is to have direct contact with farmers, especially in an area that is interested in increasing its irrigated areas and changing traditional plantations for other intensive ones.

We have found many farmers interested in intensive and superintensive plantations of pistachio and almond mainly.

Plantae proposes the possibility of controlling irrigation with wireless sensors in these plantations, which need a considerable increase in water, usually with drip irrigation.

The interest was so great that it has led the organization to consider that we were worthy of this award.

Smart moisture sensors in olive trees
Smart moisture sensors in olive trees

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