Maximize profits by reducing expenses from your mobile phone and from the hand of experts.

Sensors, flowmeters, meteorological stations and App to control your farm in real time wherever you are.


We developed our own computerized control and management platform for an intuitive and simple use


Certified and guaranteed equipment of our own creation to connect your crops with your mobile phone or tablet


We are manufacturers and we reach you with a minimum chain of distributors at more competitive prices

To turn the impossible into possible, in a fundamental sector for humanity that demands technology, changes and improvement

– Samuel López, CEO

Who we are

We are engineers and farmers

In 2014 we joined forces to launch Plantae® as a tool to help agriculture professionals to optimize their resources through the use of simple, accessible and affordable latest generation technology.

The profitability of any business is based on cost control, and in agriculture even more so.

Emilio Rodríguez Alises
Head of the Agronomy Department at Plantae



We help you to maximize the profitability of your crop by optimizing the water consumption and control of all environmental parameters.


Intelligent humidity, conductivity and temperature sensor for total control of your irrigation system.


Flowmeter 16-20 mm and Sector Flowmeter For the best consumption management of your irrigation system.

Meteo Station

Rain gauge, Relative Humidity and Ambient Temperature allow to optimize the irrigation activity according to the weather.


Easily consult the data collected by the probe in the field in real time in a simple and intuitive application.

Since 2016

Adapting the technology we develop for the professional agriculture and gardening sector

What do our customers think?

Elena Pacheco Viña Elena. Jumilla, Murcia

With the Plantae humidity sensors I know the real water needs of our crops, all in the right measure.

Carlos Valenzuela Innovasa, SEvilla

Great human team. They seek to improve their technology every day.

Ignacio Soler Tembleque, toledo

With the humidity sensors we control the different sectors and optimize the irrigation in each zone.

Success Stories

Installations made in farms like yours

More than 500 installations in 50 different types of crops in 5 years in Spain, Algeria, Latin America and India

Do you want to control the consumption of your crops in real time, with your mobile and from anywhere in the world?

On Plantae help professionals like you to make the leap to the Digitization of Agriculture through sensors, communications and App for your mobile


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