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Plantae® is wireless technology aimed at professional agriculture and gardening that allows the optimisation of crop irrigation in your field increasing productivity through agricultural humidity, conductivity and temperature sensors among other devices (flowmeter, pluviometer...).



Focused in irrigation agriculture since 2016


across 5 countries

Iberian Peninsula and islands, Algeria, LATAM and India



In over 100 different crops

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The company

Innovating since 2014

Since 2014

Spanish company funded in 2014 within the Scientific Park of the Carlos III University of Madrid.

2014-2015: IDEA

The purpose of the project stemmed from the design of a device that measures the plant's humidity and sends the data collected to any mobile device.


Strategic turn in the company towards the irrigation professional sector: agriculture and gardening. Redesign of the technology and market study. Trials on several crops alongside experts, universities and research centers. First clients with woody crops.


Technological leap with the implementation of LoRa technology to the agricultural sensors and hubs. We achieve 100 clients: direct and through our new distribution network in Spain and Portugal. New temperature sensors and conductive tendency, as well as personalised agronomic algorithms based on soil and crop characteristics.


Expansión comercial y primeras instalaciones a nivel internacional. Desarrollo del sensor de temperatura de subsuelo, caudalímetro, estaciones meteo e integración con imagen satelital.

Spanish Technology

Since its creation in 2014, Plantae® has become a project led by an entrepreneur team of industrial, computer and agricultural engineers, which accumulate over 20 years of experience in technology.

Our Philosophy

To make the impossible possible in a fundamental sector for humanity that demands technology, changes and improvements.

Samuel López, CEO



from 195 € *
  • SIM data card
  • Access to Smatphone APP and Web
  • Subzones based on soil and crop type
  • Reports and alerts
  • Graph combination
  • Historic (6 months)


from 395 € *
  • Initial Services
  • Historic (1 year)
  • Data download .csv
  • Climate alerts
  • Climate prediction (7 days)
  • Satellite Image (1 per year)
  • Remote reactive counselling (1 per month)


from 695 € *
  • Basic Services
  • Historic (limitless)
  • Satellite Image (1 per month)
  • Personalised reports (1 per month)
  • Add collaborators (individual access per property)
  • On-site counselling (1 per growing season)

*Each package can be completed with 1 hub/station + 1 flowmeter 16mm-20mm + 2 probes with humidity, conductive tendency and environmental temperature sensors.

Our clients say

Saving, optimisation, simplicity, economic rates...

With Plantae's humidity sensors I know the real needs of our crops, all is kept in proportion.

Elena Pacheco

Viña Elena. Jumilla, Murcia.

Great human team. They seek the improvement of their technology every day.

Carlos Valenzuela

Innovasa, Sevilla

With the humidity sensors we control the different sectors and optimise the irrigation of each area.

Ignacio Soler

Tembleque, Toledo.

The conductivity data has allowed me to control fertirrigation and to keep my almond trees in the best condition.

Ricardo Fernández

Almond farm. Santa Amalia, Badajoz.

Thanks to the support provided by Plantae's team and their humidity sensors I have adjusted irrigation in several depths, according to the differents sectors and the crop's age.

Matías Martín

Pistachos de la Mancha. La Puebla de Montalbán, Toledo - Albacete.

I was able to save 40% of the water consumed by my tree crops while maintaining the same productivity levels.

Antonio Fernández

Amacris, Cieza, Murcia.

With the humidity sensors I have optimised the irrigation of my pistachio trees and reduced the risk of disease.

Antonio García

Ecologic pistachio farm. Los Navalucillos, Toledo.

Controlling the humidity with sensors has a direct effect on the quality of the product. Flawless functioning.

David Ferrer

Pink tomato, corn, olive and almond tree. Barbastro, Huesca.